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Welcome to LITHWS Training and Consultancy hub! We are a leading provider of experiential workshops, executive coaching, retreats, corporate training, soft skill training, and customer service training. With a passion for empowering individuals and organizations, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, impactful learning experiences that drive personal and professional growth.

Our Recent Work's

Our Recent Workshops & Some Past project

Showcasing Our Distinguished Track Record in Training and Consultancy.

we take pride in our extensive portfolio of past and recent projects that highlight our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional training and consultancy services.

NIB International Bank

Title: Customer Relationship management(CRM)

Place: Addis Ababa, Hossana, Hawassa

LITHWS Training and Consultancy conducted a comprehensive workshop for Nib International Bank, involving 764 branch managers, accountants, cashiers, CSOs, CJSOs, and district staff from three districts: Addis Ababa, Hawassa, and Hossana. The program took place at various locations, including Nib International Bank headquarters, South Star International Hotel, and Bereket International Hotel.


Sandokan Debebe
CEO, Industry Parks Development Corporation

The leadership development training by LITHWS was transformative, enhancing my decision-making skills and strategic understanding..

Yeshi Gebreselassie
HR Director, NIB International Bank

Participating in LITHWS' personal development training was a game-changer for my career. The expert coaches helped me develop crucial skills such as effective communication and time management, enabling me to excel in my professional endeavors.

Hilina Belachew
CEO, Ethiopian Railway Corporation

"LITHWS' customer service training equipped me with practical skills to handle challenging interactions and improve customer satisfaction.


What Our Client Say

From corporate giants to aspiring individuals, our clients have experienced outstanding results with LITHWS. Our strategic training programs have transformed organizations, equipping leaders with the skills to drive innovation and achieve remarkable outcomes. Through our consulting expertise, businesses have streamlined operations, revolutionized decision-making, and witnessed sustainable growth. Individually, our personalized coaching has empowered professionals to unlock their full potential, surpass goals, and excel in their careers.