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Puplic Policy Evaluation and Impact Assessment

topic will be covered Under Public Policy Evaluation and Impact Assessment Workshop

  • Evidence-Based Policy Making
  • Public Administration and Governance

Management and Leadership

Topics will be covered Under the Management and Leadership Workshop

  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Project Management

Risk, Compliance and Governance

Topics will be covered Under Risk, Compliance, and Governance Workshop

  • Future-Proofing Insurance: Mastering Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance

Customer Experience

Topics will be covered Under the Customer Experience Workshop

  • Designing Customer-Centric  Solutions
  • Journey Mapping and Optimization Customer Experience

Digital Transformation

topic will be covered Under DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Workshop

  • Digital Transformation Strategies for Directors and CEOs
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Banking

Strategic and Partnerships

Topics will be covered Under the CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Workshop

  • Board Effectiveness and Role of Independent Directors
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Governance


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